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From 2 to 5 person crew, however big the job is, we get the job done! A 2 hour minimum/2 crew persons is required for reservation Piano & safe moving Call to have your new home/apartment cleaned before you move in. *Don't forget to ask about our packaged rates (labor/move in cleaning), contact us for a quote. Please contact us at [email protected] for a personalized quote.

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Unload Only
August 2019

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1. Minimum of 2 hours/2 helpers required to book services.

2. Reserved time-frame is guaranteed, therefore, cancellation no less than 48 hours prior to the date of requested service is required in order to receive a full refund.

3. Cancelations within 24 hours prior to the date of requested service will be charged $35 cancellation fee.

4. Cancellations made the day of service will be charged a $75 cancellation fee.

5. Payment: Payment is required no later than at the time of arrival in full, before the start of the move.

6. Method of Payment: Payment can be made by check, cash, credit card (Visa/Mastercard/Discover), or debit card.

7. Checks must be made payable to: Helping Hands Moving Labor & Services, LLC. Customer will be responsible for any and all fees associated with a returned check.

8. Partial Payments: For your convenience, multiple payments can be made up to and on the day of service, at which time the remaining balance must be paid in full, at the time of arrival of crew and before the start of the move.

ADDITIONAL HOURS (Based on hourly rated quotes)

If a reservation exceeds the original number of hours booked, each additional hour "up to" 4 (four) hours will be billed at the originally quoted hourly rate. If the job exceeds 4 (four) hours, customer will be billed a "discounted" rate of 15% of the hourly rate per hour for each hour "after" the "first" 4 (four) hours which will continue to be billed at the originally quoted hourly rate.

The addition of hours will be determined at the completion of the job, based on the start and finish time. In the case that the job is completed on "a" half hour or "past" a half hour but not one (1) full hour, customer will be billed for one (1) full hour (rounded to the nearest hour). Customer will be responsible for payment of any and all additional hours worked over the original number of hours scheduled. Payment, to include any and all additional hours, and/or any remaining balances will be due at the time of completion of the move. Helping Hands Moving Labor & Services, LLC reserves the right to make any and all reasonable efforts to collect any and all monies owed, up to and including legal action.

9. For the safety of our movers and the protection and care of your personal items/furniture etc, Moving Help Labor & Services, LLC reserves the right to re-schedule the reservation, the day of, due to inclement weather (heavy rain/snow/ice) at their discretion. An agreed upon time may include (based upon the change in weather) a new moving date or a later start time on the day of same scheduled reservation providing it does not conflict with previously other scheduled reservations on that day or henceforth. A new moving date or later start time will be set, upon agreement between Helping Hands and customer. Customer is allowed to cancel the reservation at this time with no penalty.

10. Tips: Customer is allowed to tip movers. Helping Hands Moving Labor & Services, LLC will never request the addition of a tip or include tip in total balance. Amount of tip and choice to tip is solely dependent on the customer.

11. Gratuity Gifts: Customer is allowed to offer items as gratuity gifts (furniture, electronics, small items etc.) in the place of monetary tipping. Helping Hands Moving Labor & Services, LLC will never request the release of such items to be given to employee/mover. However, it is the responsibility of the customer to notify Helping Hands of such gifts presented to employee/movers, in order to avoid any miscommunication/understanding. Helping Hands will not be held responsible for the removal of any items (small or large) presented to employee/movers as gratuity gifts. Gratuity gifts are at the sole discretion and decision of the customer.

12. Damages/Theft/Lost: In the event an item or items are damaged during the move, please contact us at (860) 200-0660 with details of the item or items damaged/stolen/lost, value of item or items, name of persons involved in incident (refer to mover's badge id), and time of incident. Email a picture of damaged/stolen/lost item or items to [email protected] Please allow up to 48 hours for a representative to contact with a resolution.

13. Third Party: Helping Hands Moving Labor & Services LLC, will not share your information (name, physical address, email address, phone number or credit/debit card information) with any third parties for publicity or financial gain.

14. Reviews: In order to improve upon our services provided to you and for the purpose of training, we welcome your review of our performance to also include, professionalism, service, satisfaction and communication. Helping Hands Moving Labor & Services LLC, reserves the right to make any and all reviews submitted available to the public via website, posts, flyers, social media. Reviews will include only the first name and first letter of customer's last name in order to maintain the privacy of our customers. *By submitting a review, you agree to the terms & conditions regarding 'reviews'.

** Reviews may be submitted by:

1. Emailing to [email protected]

2. Visiting our FaceBook page @helpinghandsMLS

3. Visit our website HelpingHandson.com and submitting a message.